At Zowpal, we are committed to offering a range of thoughtful services for individuals embarking on a journey abroad for medical treatment. Our focus is on enhancing your well-being throughout your medical travel experience.

Treatment Support

Trustworthy Recommendations: We connect you with esteemed doctors and top-tier hospitals that match your needs. • Comprehensive Specialist Input: Benefit from evaluations by multiple specialists to ensure comprehensive care. • Transparent Treatment Quotes: Receive clear and fair treatment cost estimates from hospitals. • Second Opinion: Gain added confidence through a second expert opinion on your case. • Swift Appointments: Enjoy priority scheduling with doctors. • Seamless Hospital Admission: Experience hassle-free admission to your chosen hospital. • Guided Rehabilitation: Receive guidance for post-treatment rehabilitation or physiotherapy at your accommodation. • Follow-up Care: We assist in arranging follow-up appointments with your surgeon.

Travel Assistance

Visa Made Easy: Get support with the visa application process. • Flight Plans Simplified: Let us assist you in booking your flight tickets. • Arrival Comfort: We ensure a warm welcome with airport pickup and drop-off. • Navigating the City: Receive guidance for getting around the city during your stay. • Discover the Locale: Explore local attractions with our sightseeing recommendations. • Shopping Made Enjoyable: Get assistance with your shopping needs.

Staying in Comfort

Local Insights: Access our local guidebook for insider tips. • Stay Connected: We help you obtain a local SIM card. • Accommodation Choices: Receive support in selecting the ideal hotel or guesthouse. • Ongoing Check-ins: Experience daily follow-ups for any assistance you may need. • Bridging the Language Gap: Benefit from a language interpreter’s presence.

Financial Ease

Clearing Financial Queries: We aid in resolving any concerns with your hospital bill. • Currency Convenience: Get assistance with foreign exchange matters.

At Zowpal, our aim is to be more than just a service provider – we want to be your caring companion on your healthcare journey.

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